It has been a year since the event of Anugerah Pesona Indonesia (API) was first launched in May 2016. After the completion of API 2016 activities marked with awarding night event held at Balai Soesilo Soedarman Gedung Sapta Pesona in September 2016, Organizing Committee conduct evaluation and improvement for the improvement of the event in the following years.

One of the improvements made is to provide an opportunity to all local governments at both the provincial and district/city levels to submit proposals for nominations to be included in the event. The Organizing Committee also involves various parties involved in the Tourism Sector such as Tourism Associations, Tourism Journalists, Bloggers, Observers and even from the Ministry of Tourism itself to become a the Selection Team for formulating and selecting of all nominated nominations.

For the number of categories contested also added from the previous 10 categories now into 15 categories. The new categories added are as follows :

1. Most Popular Traditional Village
2. Most Popular Traditional Drink
3. Most Popular Shopping Object
4. Most Popular Tourism Digital Promotion

In addition, in the implementation of voting also made additional access, if previously only can be done through web votes online, currently also has been opened voting through premium paid SMS. The voting period will be open on June 1, 2017 until 31 October 2017. Later the Wonderful Indonesia Award 2017 series of activities will be closed by awarding night which will be held in November 2017

All improvements and changes mentioned above have and will be applied and implemented in Wonderful Indonesia Award 2017. By sending the formal notification letter about the list of nominations to all Local Government as well as with the issuing of this Press Release then the Wonderful Indonesia Award 2017 has been officially launched.

Jakarta, May 5th 2017
Chairman of the Wonderful Indonesia Award 2017 Committee

Nanda Satria Azwar

Dokumentasi API 2016



1.      Obyek atau tujuan wisata dipilih dan diseleksi oleh Dinas Pariwisata Provinsi untuk diajukan sebagai usulan nominasi kepada Panitya Penyelenggara API 2017.

2.      Usulan nominasi yang diajukan merupakan obyek atau tujuan wisata yang terletak atau berlokasi di Kabupaten/Kota pada Provinsi masing-masing

3.      Usulan nominasi yang diajukan harus sesuai dengan kriteria dari setiap kategori.

4.      Usulan nominasi yang diajukan tidak memiliki masalah hukum ataupun issue sosial dengan masyarakat sekitar.

5.      Setiap usulan nominasi agar dilengkapi dengan foto/gambar dan penjelasan singkat mengenai obyek atau tujuan wisata tersebut.

6.      Hanya boleh mengajukan satu usulan nominasi untuk setiap kategori.

7.      Usulan nominasi yang diajukan akan diseleksi kembali oleh tim perumus untuk penentuan kelayakannya masuk sebagai nominasi.

8.      Melalui proses seleksi yang dilakukan oleh tim perumus, maka tidak setiap usulan nominasi dapat menjadi nominasi.

9.      Formulir usulan nominasi agar dikirimkan kembali kepada Panitya Penyelenggara selambat-lambatnya tanggal 27 Maret 2017.

10.  Formulir usulan nominasi serta foto/gambar dan penjelasan singkat usulan nominasi dapat dikirimkan dalam bentuk email atau CD kepada Sekretariat API 2017.


1. Most Popular Hidden Paradise
2. Most Popular Cleanliness
3. Most Popular Historical Site
4. Most Popular Traditional Dishes
5. Most Popular Diving Spot
6. Most Popular Surfing Spot
7. Most Popular Cultural Attraction
8. Most Popular Tourism Festival
9. Most Popular Highland
10. Most Popular New Destination
11. Most Popular Traditional Village
12. Most Popular Traditional Drink
13. Most Popular Shopping Spot
14. Most Popular Unique Tourism Spot
15. Most Popular Digital Tourism Promotion





I.          Perumusan Kategori dan Seleksi Nominasi; Februari – Maret 2017

1.      Pengiriman surat pemberitahuan dan formulir usulan nominasi ke seluruh Pemerintah Daerah Tingkat Provinsi (Gubernur dan Dinas Pariwisata Provinsi) untuk dapat dikoordinasikan kepada Pemerintah Daerah Tingkat Kabupaten/Kota.

2.      Pemerintah daerah mengirimkan usulan nominasi sesuai dengan syarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku dan paling lambat diterima oleh panitya tanggal 27 Maret 2017.


3.      Tim Perumus melakukan seleksi terhadap seluruh usulan nominasi yang masuk dan sekaligus menentukan nominasi pada tiap-tiap kategori.

II.        Sosialisasi dan Promosi Nominasi; April – Juli 2017

1.      Surat pemberitahuan daftar nominasi kepada seluruh Pemerintah Daerah, baik tingkat Provinsi maupun tingkat Kabupaten/Kota, yang destinasi atau obyek wisata nya masuk terpilih sebagai nominasi API 2017.

2.      Press Release kepada media partner dan media pemberitaan lainnya tentang penyelenggaran API 2017 berikut daftar kategori dan nominasinya.

3.      Sosialisasi dan promosi mengenai penyelenggaraan API 2017 ke masyarakat.

III.      Pemungutan Suara (Voting); Agustus – Oktober 2017

1.      Pelaksanaan Media Gathering sekaligus pengumuman dimulainya periode pemungutan suara (voting).

2.      Pelaksanaan live vote di tempat-tempat keramaian untuk lebih menggiatkan peran aktif dan apresiasi masyarakat terhadap Pariwisata Indonesia.

IV.      Malam Penghargaan Anugerah Pesona Indonesia 2017; November 2017

Pengumuman pemenang dan pemberian penghargaan kepada para pemenang API 2017.



WHAT IS WIA? Wonderful Indonesia Award (WIA) is a series of annual activities held in an effort to raise public appreciation of Indonesia Tourism. In addition, the implementation of the WIA also aims to encourage the participation of various parties, especially the Local Government to better strive in promoting tourism in their respective regions. In its implementation, the WIA begins by providing opportunities to all District/Municipal Governments, under the coordination of the Provincial Government, through the Head of the Tourism Office to propose nominations for each category determined by the Committee and Selection Team. Then all the nomination proposals will be re-selected by the Selection Team to be determined as a WIA nomination. Selection Team itself consists of representatives from various elements who are heavily involved in Indonesian Tourism, such as academics from high schools or tourism academies, tourism journalists, bloggers as well as tourism observers.

Further activities followed by encouraging people to choose the best or most popular destinations or attractions in their opinion. Selection is done by voting for destinations or attractions selected online or by sending an sms. The result of the election will be the most popular destinations or attractions in each category. After the voting is closed, the Wonderful Indonesia Award is concluded with the awarding night event packed in Gala Dinner form. At that time, award will be given to the most elected destinations or attractions. The award itself will be given by the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia to the Head of Region (Governor, Regent, Mayor) where the destination or tourist attraction is located. .



Ajang Apresiasi Anugerah Pariwisata Indonesia tahun 2017.


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