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WHAT IS WIA? Wonderful Indonesia Award (WIA) is a series of annual activities held in an effort to raise public appreciation of Indonesia Tourism. In addition, the implementation of the WIA also aims to encourage the participation of various parties, especially the Local Government to better strive in promoting tourism in their respective regions. In its implementation, the WIA begins by providing opportunities to all District/Municipal Governments, under the coordination of the Provincial Government, through the Head of the Tourism Office to propose nominations for each category determined by the Committee and Selection Team. Then all the nomination proposals will be re-selected by the Selection Team to be determined as a WIA nomination. Selection Team itself consists of representatives from various elements who are heavily involved in Indonesian Tourism, such as academics from high schools or tourism academies, tourism journalists, bloggers as well as tourism observers.

Further activities followed by encouraging people to choose the best or most popular destinations or attractions in their opinion. Selection is done by voting for destinations or attractions selected online or by sending an sms. The result of the election will be the most popular destinations or attractions in each category. After the voting is closed, the Wonderful Indonesia Award is concluded with the awarding night event packed in Gala Dinner form. At that time, award will be given to the most elected destinations or attractions. The award itself will be given by the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia to the Head of Region (Governor, Regent, Mayor) where the destination or tourist attraction is located. .



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