Wonderful Indonesia Award2017

"Wonderful Indonesia Award is a series of activities which organized annualy in order to raise public appreciation of the Indonesia Tourism. Besides, the implementation of this event also aims to encourage the participation of various parties, especially regional governments to put more effort in promoting tourism in their respective regions."

Beauty Is Indonesia

Millions hectares natural beauty of forest and mountains. Millions kilometers of beautiful coastline, under sea and coral-reefs. Thousands of cultural heritage, art, history and traditional delicacies.

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Center of World Tourism

Indonesia is the home of many wonders of the world. Indonesia is a beautiful rich country, more than 25,000 Travel Destinations and Tourism Spot spread all over Indonesia.It is time for Indonesia to be the center of World Tourism.

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Your Vote Decide

Indonesia Tourism is the gateway to economic development. Tourism potentials spread from remote villages to the city. Support and make your favorite tourism be the most popular. Indonesia Tourism should be the most popular in the World.

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Tourism Beauty
Cultural Uniqueness
Delicacy of Flavor
Historical Evidence
Challenging Adventure




Anugerah Pesona Indonesia 2016 Inspirasi Penghargaan Pariwisata Indonesia

This is a precious award. With this award, it is very expected to neither the Governor, Mayor, and Regent can be inspired and motivated to continue to advance and promote the destinations or attractions in their respective regions.

Congratulations to all the winner of Wonderful Indonesia Award 2016




Ajang Apresiasi Anugerah Pariwisata Indonesia tahun 2017.


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